In Preparation for Your Spray Tan...

The Night Before Your Tan

Shower and exfoliate the night before your spray (12-18 hours before- do not shave the day of your spray tan!) to give your skin some time to regain its natural moisture balance. A DEEP exfoliation is key to removing the dead skin cells. This lengthens the life of your tan because we are tanning fresh, new skin cells not tanning the old, dead skin cells that are about to come off naturally.

In my experience a loafah, exfoliating body wash & many of the mitts you can purchase at a chain store are not deep enough methods of exfoliation to get the optimal results.

 If you HAVE to shave with a razor that has a moister strip or shaving cream/gel, its best that you wash your legs after to help remove the residue. (Waxing gives the best results 48hrs + before your tan).

Many body washes, shower gels, bar soaps, shampoos and conditioners can leave a residue on your skin- please wash hair, condition and shave- then wash all over with a body wash approved for spray tanning or exfoliate scrub made for spray tanning to ensure all the residue is removed from the skin before your spray tan! (many salt & sugar scrubs contain oils that will result in the tan not developing)


Check out our retail line made specifically for spray tanning! 

Be Mindful of What You Put on Your Skin Before Your Tan

After the last shower before your appointment do not apply any lotion, perfume, oils or makeup to your skin.

(You can apply some light deodorant- just keep in mind this area may develop a little lighter)

I do have one approved product that can be applied after your shower/before your spray tan.Dry skin can also have a negative affect on your spray tans outcome so an exfoliating & moisturizing regiment is recommend (plus its super healthy for your skin!) 

Your skin should be free of lotion, perfume, oils, natural oils produced by your body, makeup & sweat when arriving for your tan. Please do not attempt to remove these products with baby wipes, etc. as they may also contain ingredients that are not spray tan friendly. I have products available that will not affect your tans development.

(Its is recommended to have at least a 4 hour window between your last shower and your spray tan appointment).

*** You should not have self tanner on your skin when you arrive for your appointment.  Its recommended to let that completely fade before getting your spray tan as it could negatively impact the color & fade of your spray tan.


While Your Tan Develops

Wear loose fitting clothing and shoes that will not rub when walking, sitting, etc.

Cold Weather– Sweats and UGG type boots are suggested.
Warm weather - Maxi dress, shorts, loose tee shirt, flip flops (If it's hot and you are wearing shorts bring a towel for your legs in the car so you do not sweat in the car).
*Socks, tennis shoes, Tomms & ballet slippers generally are not a good shoe option for directly after your spray tan.

Do not sweat, cry, apply liquid or cream make-up, or get liquid on your skin for 12 hours after your tan application.

We do offer accelerated tans that can be washed off anywhere from 30 min – 5 hours after application. If you have this type of tan it is very important to rinse off at the exact time you are instructed for proper development. After rinsing, you can get wet without disrupting your tans development. However, you will still want to keep your skin free of any oils, lotions, make-up & sweat for the next 12 hours to ensure proper development.

Spray Tans & Rainy Days

Wet Weather— Protect your tan! If its raining cover up sufficiently, wear rain boots, large covering jacket & umbrella!

We will always help you get from the studio to your car on rainy days to help protect your tan!

Now that You Are Beautifully Bronzed...

DHA is slightly drying to your skin (which is great for acne). You will want to make sure you have the appropriate lotion, touch up tanner or extender and body wash for your skin type to ensure you fade evenly. I have touch up tanners and self tanners that match your spray tan solution exactly and a variety of products available. I will go over your specific needs and retail options at the end of your appointment. You can expect the price range for after care to be around $30 and is enough product to last for several tans.

Stay away from Nivea, Irish Spring, Dial, Ivory, antibacterial, Philosophy, Oil of Olay body wash, bar soap and Dove body wash and shampoo- they will fade your tan excessively and could cause splotchy fading.

I have tried to find regular products on the market that are spray tan friendly but it has been a trial and error process that I have found to be mainly error which is why I now say: it's best to only use products made for spray tanning which I have available.


Check out our retail line made specifically for spray tanning!


Vacations, Water Parks & Spray Tans

Long hot showers, baths, pools & jacuzzis will cause your tan to fade quickly. Let me know if you are planning on going on vacation, to a water park, etc. and I will go over options to help care for your tan.

We completely customize your prep & aftercare to suit your occasion!

Spray Tanning Recommendations

Its recommended that you check with your physician if you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition. Many of our clients are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition but its always safer to check first!

If you have any allergies please let us know as we keep our solutions as vegan and naturally based as possible. This means some of our ingredients may contain walnut extract, elderberry, aloe, etc.

We recommend a swatch test 24 hours prior to your first tan with a different solution to check for a DHA allergy or other allergies that you may not even be aware of having. Its very rare that someone does have an allergic reaction to the solution but its best to know before spraying you head to toe! If we know what solution we will be using on your skin, you may stop in Vanity any time they are open (T-F 10-6, Sat 10-4) for this swatch test—I do not have to be available.

The FDA has approved spray tanning (but not spray tan booths) & the American Cancer Association recommends spray tanning as a safe tanning option! The FDA recommends all mucus membranes are covered during application.

*We offer nose filters & eye protection upon request. *Please wear lip balm to cover your lips during application.


New Policy:

Due to the fact appointments are limited I am having to enforce a no call/no show policy and a late cancellation policy. I completely understand that things come up in our lives that are completely out of our control and we need to cancel appointments we were looking forward to. However there is also a client on the other end of that appointment who was turned down for that same spot because it was reserved just for you... This puts us in a situation where we are not getting paid for our time.

The goal is to be as kind and understanding to everyone while also being fair to all parties involved. This is why I request at least 48 hours notice when canceling an appointment to avoid a fee $25. No Call/ No shows or late/habitual cancels will be need to pre-pay upon booking future appointments.

We appreciate everyone's understanding with these new policies & appreciate every one of our clients! You are the reason we are such a success! I am hoping this will make things fair for everyone involved. Thanks everyone!

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